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Hack the Vote

Posted by Martin Zinaich on August 13, 2016

Hack the vote

As recent events with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) being hacked solidify the fact that we cannot seem to secure anything connected to the Internet, one has to wonder if elections can also be hacked. The topic of “Hacking the Vote” reminds me of one of my favorite InfoSec security maxims; “high technology is often […]

2014 – the year that hacking got nasty

Posted by Kevin on December 30, 2014

I don’t usually like annual summaries and predictions – they’re usually just last year’s with the dates changed. But this year it’s different; I fear that 2014 will be known as the year that hacking got nasty. Until now hacking has been part of the natural order of things. Governments exploit us through false promises; […]

CrowdStrike does a Mandiant and accuses the Chinese military

Posted by Kevin on June 14, 2014

Just three weeks after the FBI indicted five members of the Chinese military, and some 14 months after Mandiant’s initial ‘J’accuse China’ report, CrowdStrike has joined the party. While Mandiant tracked the APT1 hacking group to the Chinese military unit 61398 (“Unit 61398 is partially situated on Datong Road in Gaoqiaozhen, which is located in […]

Attacking smart TVs

Posted by Kevin on June 9, 2014

It might not be so smart to have a smart TV. Researchers at Columbia University have described a methodology by which attackers can take over, manipulate and infect other connected devices both remotely and undetectably. This capability can be leveraged to perform “traditional” attack activities: perform clickfraud, insert comment or voting spam, conduct reconnaissance (within […]