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Is Sainsbury in breach of the Data Protection Act?

Posted by Kevin on December 23, 2014

When you enter the Sainsbury car park at its Willows store in Torquay. a big sign flashes up your car number plate. In smaller figures it also displays the time by which you must depart, viz, four hours later. There is no explanation of why, how or by whom your number plate is recorded. I […]

One rule for them…

Posted by Alexander Hanff on December 9, 2014

Earlier this week I was engaging in an interesting discussion with some lawyers about the Article 29 Working Party opinion on Device Fingerprinting.  First of all, for those who do not know, Device Fingerprinting is a technique used by the advertising industry (and government intelligence agencies) to circumvent cookie blocking and allow them to still […]

Hint to ICO: LloydsPharmacy is violating the DPA

Posted by Kevin on September 13, 2014

When I go into LLoydsPharmacy with a prescription, I hand it over, am told it will take 20 minutes and I reply, ‘OK, I’ll come back’. Twenty minutes later I return and ask, “Prescription for Townsend?” The assistant asks me to confirm my address, and hands over my medication medicine. That’s all it takes. Now […]

ITsecurity Daily News: 08/26/2014

Posted by Kevin on August 27, 2014

The ITsecurity daily security briefing: Wednesday, August 27, 2014. If you find this security briefing useful, please spread the word via social media. If you have any comments or recommendations, please email kevtownsend at gmail dot com. News Papers/Reports WebThings Events M&A Alerts News Secret data retention discussion paper leaked Via The Sydney Morning Herald. […]

ICO imposes fine on Think W3 Ltd

Posted by Kevin on July 29, 2014

If I had a bunch of active credit card numbers whose loss had not been disclosed, I might be able to sell them on the black market for up to $20 each (see Juniper Networks). For a quick sale, I might offer a 50% discount on this price. So if I had 430,599 such cards, […]

The continuing failure of data protection laws – especially in the UK

Posted by Kevin on July 5, 2014

IRISS – Increasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies – is an EC-funded empirical analysis of surveillance and data protection in Europe. It comprises seven separate study areas. A report on the fifth area, exercising democratic rights under surveillance regimes, was published in the latter part of June 2014. Led by Professor Clive Norris and Dr Xavier […]