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Free and open internet

Posted by Kevin on November 18, 2016

I think I’ve slipped into a parallel universe where contradictions prove themselves. How else do you understand the NCSC, part of GCHQ, one of the Five Eyes, making this tweet: This was the very day that the IP Bill effectively became law. It was passed without amendment by the House of Lords meaning that there […]

CJEU in very dangerous waters

Posted by Martin Zinaich on February 6, 2016

The European Court of Justice (CJEU) is presiding over a case that could effectively destroy the Internet, as we know it. The debate is if a website hyperlinks to content that infringes on copyright laws, does the hyperlink to that freely available media constitute an infringement. The court heard arguments regarding the GS Media case, […]

Media Blackout on Commeta

Posted by Alexander Hanff on April 28, 2015

Last week I wrote a piece about a new project called Commeta which is a global comment system allowing Internet users to comment on any content online without the fear of being censored.  The Kickstarter campaign seems to have hit a wall – which is odd given how many people have claimed to support the […]

Google’s latest assault on Privacy – Project-Fi

Posted by Alexander Hanff on April 22, 2015

Google announced on their blog today that they are launching Project Fi – a new mobile network for owners of Nexus 6 devices.  Basically Google have partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile to become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and at a glance the service looks appealing.  You only pay for the actual data you […]

Cats and the Internet

Posted by Kevin on January 1, 2015

The internet was designed for cats to research the deep mysteries of life

UK government continues its attack on privacy

Posted by Kevin on November 27, 2014

The UK government is continuing to demonize internet companies, almost suggesting that they are the cause of successful terrorist attacks. In a report by the Intelligence Committee into the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby it suggests that Facebook should have detected and reported the single known incidence of one of the murderers showing his hand […]

The suppression of freedom and privacy in the UK

Posted by Kevin on September 28, 2014

The UK is rapidly becoming the internet’s ‘free world’ freedom and privacy weak spot. The cause is the tragic simultaneous alignment of several factors: there is no single freedom guaranteed by law. There is no written constitution in place to protect the people from the excesses of government. the British public is just about the […]

Google orchestrating anti-GDPR sentiment

Posted by Kevin on September 13, 2014

There is still an awful lot of guff talked about Google and the ‘right to be forgotten’. Much of the media portrays the issue as a right for individuals to demand that personal data be removed from the internet. This is not the case. Google couldn’t do it even if it were the case. There […]

Mozilla proposes changes to the Privacy Principles

Posted by Alexander Hanff on July 19, 2014

Today I received an email from Mozilla’s privacy list with proposed “Revisions to Privacy Principles” which I feel are a clear illustration that Mozilla is becoming a rogue player in the browser space and is now more interested in monetizing their users than protecting them. Allow me to address each of the proposed changes in […]

The US economy is far more fragile and endangered than you might think

Posted by Kevin on July 7, 2014

In the modern world, the new weapons of war are no longer just guns and munitions, but money and intel. Intelligence is like any other weapon of war – if you have more and of better quality than the enemy, you will win. That requires acquiring knowledge of the enemy while preventing the enemy from […]