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Twitter App on iOS nags users for Photos Access

Posted by Alexander Hanff on January 28, 2016

Earlier this week I was in Brussels talking about Privacy at the European Parliament – which is nothing unusual, especially as today is Data Privacy Day and this week is often referred to as Privacy Week in Brussels. What did surprise me though was a change in behaviour I noticed with the official Twitter iOS […]

Android exfiltration, OpenSSL, and iOS app memory handling

Posted by David Harley on March 18, 2015

[Update: details of the OpenSSL advisory released after this blog here. Note that the FREAK-related CVE-2015-0204 flagged by Intego here is reclassified as ‘severe’ and upgrades are advised: This was classified low because it was originally thought that server RSA export ciphersuite support was rare: a client was only vulnerable to a MITM attack against a server […]

Mobile Malware: Should I Keep Taking The Tablets?

Posted by David Harley on October 14, 2014

I recently came across a comment to one of my blogs – it doesn’t matter which, because it didn’t actually relate directly to the article it was attached to. The commenter wanted to know whether she needed to install anti-virus onto her tablet, because ‘tablets can’t get viruses’, as her son had told her, and […]

Antipodean iOS ransomware

Posted by David Harley on May 28, 2014

Wherever you live, now is the time to take advantage of Apple’s 2FA for Apple ID credentials.