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Did democracy win with Macron? Doubtful

Posted by Kevin on May 8, 2017

My first thoughts on Macron’s victory were that democracy had prevailed. But second thoughts made me wonder. We’re too accustomed to thinking of democracy in old-fashioned Left (socialist) and Right (fascist) terms. Democracy is the peoples’ decision anywhere between left and right. But there is a new (or at least only recently so overt) political […]

Corporate tax avoidance is State corruption

Posted by Kevin on February 24, 2016

From the UK government’s Public Accounts Committee on corporate tax settlements, published 23 February 2016… The committee notes that Google has agreed to pay an additional £130 million pounds to settle its tax liability over the last 10 years; but adds However, in the absence of full transparency over the details of this settlement and […]

A terrible, awful, stupid thing

Posted by Kevin on December 3, 2015

The British government has shown its stupidity again. Like sheep it has followed the warmongers who will get even richer on the death and destruction rained down on people in Syria. For what? No bomb has ever solved any problem. More innocents will inevitably die. That will stoke even more anger. And Cameron has just […]

What is wrong with modern society

Posted by Kevin on August 22, 2015

Incentives may simultaneously entice consumers and arouse reactance. It is proposed that consumers reaffirm their autonomy by choosing rewards that are congruent with the promoted consumption effort (choosing reward x over reward y, given effort x). Such congruity allows consumers to construe their behavior as intrinsically motivated rather than externally induced, because the effort is […]

The dance of modern life

Posted by Kevin on July 3, 2015

Society – and this pretty much applies to any society in any country – comprises several groups: government: comprising mostly failed megalomaniacs led by by a few with genuine manipulative power organized and controlled by vested interests outside of government the great mass of voters: who simply want an easy life and tend to believe […]

Why I will not vote

Posted by Kevin on March 21, 2015

We have an election here in the UK, coming to a school/village hall near you very soon. Once again, I will not vote. There are people who disagree with my stand. They say that I have a duty to vote, and that voting should be compulsory. I do not – and compulsory voting would be […]