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New EU data protection rules highlight privacy paradox

Posted by Monica Horten on April 15, 2016

The European Parliament has adopted a data protection package  that is being described as ‘historic’ and monumental’.  The new EU measures  update data protection rules for the era of the Internet and social media, including the use of data by  police  and law enforcement. The hot buttons have been the transfer of data outside the […]

Privacy Shield is no Safe Harbor 2

Posted by Kevin on February 2, 2016

Despite what you read in the press, Privacy Shield is no Safe Harbor replacement agreement between the EU and the US. What we have is an agreement between two sets of negotiators to agree talking in a generalized way in the hope of reaching an agreement that maybe could become binding. Neither of those parties have […]

Safe Harbor: are Europeans going to be sold down the Potomac?

Posted by Kevin on January 30, 2016

Safe Harbor is dead. Long live Safe Harbor – or at least Safe Harbor II. That’s what Brussels and Washington are working on; and they need to get it done by tomorrow. Tomorrow (31 January 2016) is the deadline given by the European data protection regulators for the politicians to sort it all out. From […]

Safe Harbor: Quo Vadis?

Posted by Kevin on October 26, 2015

The European Court of Justice ruling on October 6 has far-reaching implications. The court has not specifically ruled that Safe Harbor is illegal, only that it can no longer automatically be assumed to be legal. In short, any US company relying on Safe Harbor can now be challenged in court. The reality, however, is that […]

Safe Harbor, Pearl Harbor

Posted by David Harley on October 26, 2015

David Harley photo

The bombing of Safe Harbor: the view from Microsoft

ECJ Says Safe Harbor Is Not So Safe

Posted by Tara Taubman-Bassirian on October 8, 2015

‘A milestone’ or a ‘historical’ decision cry the media around the world. It is like a deluge of comments and articles. The Open Rights Group speaks of a ‘Landmark victory for Privacy rights’. Like a bombshell, following the Advocat General Opinion, the ECJ decision this Tuesday 6 October 2015 held the Safe Harbor decision 2000 invalid. […]

FTC demonstrates that the US takes Safe Harbor seriously

Posted by Kevin on April 7, 2015

Hallelujah, I have seen the light! What are we Europeans worrying about? Safe Harbor is safe in the safe hands of that pit-bull defender of privacy, the Federal Trade Commission. Let me explain… The FTC came across 2 out of hundreds of US companies in breech of the EU-US Safe Harbor agreement, and has chastised […]

ITsecurity Daily Briefing: 08/14/2014

Posted by Kevin on August 14, 2014

The ITsecurity daily security briefing: Thursday August 14, 2014. News Papers/Reports WebThings Events M&A Alerts News US companies in breach of EU-US Safe Harbor on PII A filing submitted to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Thursday by the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) claims Salesforce, Adobe, AOL, and other companies are “compiling, using, and sharing EU […]