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Stuxnet: more historical than hysterical, I hope

Posted by David Harley on June 7, 2016

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I don’t make a habit of using this blog to advertise another, but the article I’m going to talk about is just too long to rewrite for this blog. And in fact, I’m not generally a fan of articles that revisit antique malware that ceased to matter years or even decades ago. However, it appears […]

Watching the Furby Fly

Posted by David Harley on September 16, 2015

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Somehow, the Furby, a furry toy vaguely resembling a Mogwai (the cuddly pre-Gremlin version in Joe Dante’s films, rather than the demons of Chinese tradition1) has always invited a certain amount of paranoia, fuelled by (or perhaps fuelling) the interest of the hacking community. As well as a fairly dumb discussion on the newsgroup alt.comp.virus […]