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Social Engineering v. Malware: Remembering VBS/Loveletter

Posted by David Harley on February 20, 2017

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VBS/Loveletter demonstrated that sometimes the quality of malcode doesn’t matter if the social engineering hits the spot.

Top Facebook Stories: Your Choice?

Posted by David Harley on April 8, 2015

Facebook and its algorithms may not be as smart as FB, its paying customers, and the rest of us think. But should we take comfort from that?

Spam with a malicious taste

Posted by Sorin Mustaca on March 1, 2015

I haven’t seen in a while a well done complex spam with malicious payload. This one appears to be addressed to first name of the email recipient. As you can see in the subject, it is addressed to “SORIN” since my email address is sorin.mustaca@… The spam contains a nice piece of social engineering which […]

Targeted phishing: the $17m sting

Posted by David Harley on February 9, 2015

A very effective piece of social engineering as targeted phishing has been reported by Over a few days in 2014, it seems that the corporate controller at commodities trader Scoular transferred three large payments adding up to $17.2 million to Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, to be held on behalf of a company called Dadi Co. Ltd. Keith McMurtry […]