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Backdoor Barbie: Let’s Go Party

Posted by David Harley on November 2, 2015

David Harley photo

Is your home still your castle, or are there Barbie-arians at the gates?

It’s time to ditch compliance because most companies simply ignore it

Posted by Kevin on December 11, 2014

Many security experts worry that compliance is driving security rather than the other way round. Being compliant doesn’t mean being secure. But faced with the choice between the minimum to be compliant rather than the minimum to be secure, companies tend to choose the former. That, at least, is current received opinion. And it just […]

Whatever happened to journalism? Part 2: Infosecurity

Posted by Kevin on September 24, 2014

Last week I came across a report titled: I looked at this report to see if it should be included in ITsecurity’s daily news summaries. It is certainly sensational: From 2002 the German cybercrime network performed numerous targeted penetrations to over 300 organizations, including tier one commercial companies, government institutions, research laboratories and critical infrastructure […]

TOR: blocking C&C servers and cybercriminals

Posted by Kevin on July 27, 2014

TOR is increasingly being used by cybercriminals. Its ability to anonymize people and places makes it an attractive place to hide nefarious activity — and things like malware C&C servers. Just last week Kaspersky Lab warned that it had traced a new and sophisticated ransomware trojan (dubbed Onion for obvious reasons) to a lair in […]