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Blog comment spam. Is it worth the effort?

Posted by Sorin Mustaca on January 18, 2015

I have several WordPress blogs I use for various types of posts. In one of them, I have written some posts where I asked my readers if something similar has happened to them. So, there is a short article describing a situation and at the end of the post is a simple form containing Name […]


Posted by Kevin on June 18, 2014

It’s good to check your spam folder regularly. Sometimes the filter gets it wrong, and an important or useful message is diverted away from you. It’s sobering to realise how many long-lost relatives you have; it’s worrying to find out how many friends get mugged during a surprise foreign visit; it’s tempting to take advantage […]

Comment spam – a growing problem

Posted by Kevin on June 9, 2014

Comment spam is a serious and worsening problem. It is the practice of commenting on a website or web service for ulterior purposes: typically for SEO promotion; to lure victims to a poisoned website holding an exploit kit; or for political purposes. To put this in perspective, my old blog ( has blocked more than […]