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Vote for Facebook!

Posted by David Harley on May 7, 2015

As a UK citizen on the day of a general election, I’m not suffering from a lack of advice on voting. Some of my Facebook friends are urging me to vote for one party or another, others are just anxious that I should vote. Kevin, on the other hand, is anxious that none of us […]

UK government continues its attack on privacy

Posted by Kevin on November 27, 2014

The UK government is continuing to demonize internet companies, almost suggesting that they are the cause of successful terrorist attacks. In a report by the Intelligence Committee into the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby it suggests that Facebook should have detected and reported the single known incidence of one of the murderers showing his hand […]

ITsecurity Daily News: 10/03/2014

Posted by Kevin on October 3, 2014

The ITsecurity daily security briefing: Friday, October 3, 2014. If you find this security briefing useful, please spread the word via social media. If you have any comments or recommendations, please email kevtownsend at gmail dot com. NEWS ONLY TODAY News Papers/Reports WebThings Events M&A Alerts News Government to use a Bill of Rights to […]

The suppression of freedom and privacy in the UK

Posted by Kevin on September 28, 2014

The UK is rapidly becoming the internet’s ‘free world’ freedom and privacy weak spot. The cause is the tragic simultaneous alignment of several factors: there is no single freedom guaranteed by law. There is no written constitution in place to protect the people from the excesses of government. the British public is just about the […]

UN damns DRIP even before it is law

Posted by Kevin on July 16, 2014

There is a huge irony that on the very day that the British Government, Small Brother to the US Big Brother global surveillance alliance, whips its lackeys into subservience in order to get yet another surveillance bill through the House of Commons, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, warns: …Governmental mass surveillance […]