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Zero-day Flash vulnerability delivered by Angler

Posted by Kevin on January 22, 2015

The Angler exploit kit has, according to Cisco’s latest report, replaced Blackhole as the kit of choice for the bad guys: Cisco Security Research attributes Angler’s popularity to the decision by its author(s) to eliminate the requirement of downloading a Windows executable to deliver malware. Angler’s use of Flash, Java, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), and […]

Black hats now concentrate on zero-day exploits

Posted by Kevin on July 17, 2014

Microsoft has examined the first exploitation of known vulnerabilities in its products over the last eight years. It finds that exploits peaked in 2010 with just under 70 exploits; but has reduced dramatically since then to just 20 in 2013. It separated the exploits into three categories: zero-day, exploits, exploits appearing within 30 days of […]