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Posted by Kevin on April 21, 2014 is a small independent organization providing the latest news and views to the infosecurity marketplace. We accept neither advertising nor sponsorship. This is a conscious decision. We find that the majority of mainstream media is too accepting of the ‘official’ line. The official line is usually dictated by vested interests: owners, advertisers, sponsors, editors […]


Posted by Kevin on April 10, 2014 is a small independent organization with no allegience to any vendor, publisher, doctrine or dogma. Its purpose is to present and dicuss information security in a new and challenging manner. Every post on this site is the opinion and view of its individual author. takes no view itself – it is a conduit for multiple viewpoints. News […]


Posted by Kevin on April 9, 2014

Members Individual members of are all listed on the Members page, together with relevant contact details and social media accounts. Concerns Any concerns over the content of should be addressed in the first instance to; or to the individual author of the piece in question.

Privacy Policy

Posted by Kevin on April 8, 2014 believes in privacy and the right to anonymity on the internet. We collect no information from our visitors. The one exception to this is the name and email address of commenters (which is a necessary part of the commenting process). Although everybody should feel free to say whatever they want under their own name […]