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Alas, we can’t rewind America – or can we?

Posted by Bev Robb on October 4, 2016

Rewind America

Late last summer my son called me from Seattle to let me know that he would be making a cash deposit to my bank to repay a small loan I had given him over the summer. An hour later, he called back stating that my ridiculous expletive deleted bank would not accept a cash deposit to my personal […]

Freelancing Security Again, some thoughts on Norse

Posted by Bev Robb on June 27, 2016

security thinking thoughts on Norse

I just finished startup #3 and I am back to freelancing again. I have to admit that I totally do enjoy working with startups regardless of consistently residing in the O-My-God-I-Am-Now-Crashing-Again lane. My favorite startup (though not my favorite crash) was Norse. Why would I say this when so many bad things went down at […]

Scandalous Redflex surveillance cams—those insidious scoundrels!

Posted by Bev Robb on February 1, 2016

Redflex surveillance-intersection

Redflex Traffic Systems Inc., is a company riddled with bribery dealings, mismanagement, and ongoing scandals. It’s been almost four years since I received a a red-light camera ticket for failure to obey a traffic control device. I remember that morning clearly. The sun was shining bright and it was rather warm for the third week of […]

Security is everyone’s responsibility!

Posted by Bev Robb on April 29, 2015

wipe and flush security

Four simple words This morning I accepted a new LinkedIn connection who works for Johns Hopkins University and SANs. Aside from all of his certifications, and over a decade of security experience — he is also recognized as a strong security advocate and change agent; is self-driven, self-motivated, and result-orientated. Though he obviously holds many credentials and […]

Twitter Bots: the scourge of the low-end spam bots

Posted by Bev Robb on February 3, 2015

twitter bots

Though Twitter goes to great lengths to thwart fake bot accounts, spam bots are pervasive throughout the Twitter ecosystem. Whether it is a 6,000+ real and verified twitter followers (yeah, right!) for $5.00 over at Fiverr or a flat 6 month $49.99 subscription at Twitter Supremacy  — bots come in all flavors —  You can buy a set […]

Security: Teksquisite style

Posted by Bev Robb on May 25, 2014


Let’s call this is my first official Hello World blog Post for IT Security. I am known around the web as Teksquisite. I’ve been in the security realm (in one form or another) as a (wayback) hacker, malware chaser, Microsoft Windows guru (at one time), and bad-boy-tic-on-Internet-scammers for twenty years now. I am a Southern Oregon geek […]