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From Greenlight to Direct: The Past and Future of Steam Publishing

Posted by Josh Townsend on June 29, 2017

Steam Greenlight: History and Positive Influences On June 13th 2017, Valve shut down the Greenlight service of its digital games distribution platform, Steam, replacing it with a new service dubbed Steam Direct. Launched at the end of August 2012, Steam Greenlight did achieve many things which ushered in positive change for the gaming industry over […]

Bioware and the EA Pattern

Posted by Josh Townsend on June 6, 2017

Bioware fitting a pattern In early May reports surfaced that Bioware Montreal, a division of the long-established game studio acquired by EA in 2007, has been relegated to a ‘support’ studio following the fairly disastrous release of Mass Effect Andromeda earlier in 2017. This has caused some concern that Bioware’s days are numbered, due to […]

May Sketch: Reactions to Macron’s Victory

Posted by Josh Townsend on May 17, 2017

World Leaders’ Reactions to Macron’s Presidential Victory As reported by Yahoo

Artificial Intelligence in the Real and Virtual Worlds

Posted by Josh Townsend on April 25, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Games While most of the tech media’s ‘next big thing’ buzz is still focused on VR, that technology is beginning to settle into the early days of its role. Gaming and technology blogs will soon be looking for a new source of excitement. With some of the recent products and demonstrations, it […]

Book Review: The Hardware Hacker

Posted by Josh Townsend on April 10, 2017

The Hardware Hacker by Andrew Huang is not quite what you would expect from looking at the cover. There might be an expectation of page after page of schematics, code, circuit diagrams and…well, hardware – but what this book has to offer is much more than that. Andrew Huang makes what could easily be a […]

Will Virtual Reality Technology see a second generation?

Posted by Josh Townsend on March 27, 2017

2016’s slew of Virtual Reality devices are now being considered ‘Generation 1’ in terms of VR. This isn’t an entirely accurate viewpoint. Even discounting earlier attempts at Virtual Reality not created for the mass market and the VR machines intended for use in arcades, the gaming market has seen an earlier entry in the form […]

Gaming and the Future of Entertainment Media

Posted by Josh Townsend on March 6, 2017

The Identity of Gaming In January of this year, one of the leading figures of the gaming industry, Hideo Kojima, predicted that video gaming would merge with other forms of entertainment – novels, cinema and music. While he did not elaborate on by what means or to what degree these media would integrate, the prediction […]

The Nintendo Switch and the Future of Console Gaming

Posted by Josh Townsend on February 2, 2017

Gaming’s first big event of 2017 will be the launch of the Nintendo Switch at the beginning of March. The first major home console release since the Xbox One in 2013, the market performance of the Switch will be important to follow for gauging the future of the gaming industry. Nintendo is taking several risks […]

The Past and Future of Gamification

Posted by Josh Townsend on January 16, 2017

For many decades, a running theme in sci-fi and speculative fiction has been the idea of complete, global automation of all production. Explored over and over again in both positive and negative contexts, it seems to have taken root as a collective idea that mankind will someday become dependent on robots to perform all necessary […]

Nintendo Switch reveal wows gamers but alienates stock market

Posted by Josh Townsend on October 24, 2016

With Nintendo’s secretive ‘NX’ project finally given a trailer reveal as the Nintendo Switch, gamers have finally been given some answers on Nintendo’s new product, but there are still some important questions left to answer. The trailer does a good job of showing the USP of their new product – a home console which can […]