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NHS Trusts and the threat from ransomware

Posted by Kevin on November 19, 2016

Healthcare has become a major target for extortionists for two primary reasons: firstly, patients rather than profits are the priority with less being spent on IT and security than by outright commercial firms; and secondly, there is huge pressure to get systems back up and running when health and potentially lives are at stake. These […]

Free and open internet

Posted by Kevin on November 18, 2016

I think I’ve slipped into a parallel universe where contradictions prove themselves. How else do you understand the NCSC, part of GCHQ, one of the Five Eyes, making this tweet: This was the very day that the IP Bill effectively became law. It was passed without amendment by the House of Lords meaning that there […]

Secondary legislation and the role of the House of Lords

Posted by Kevin on November 17, 2016

Secondary legislation is an abomination. It allows the government – usually just the relevant Secretary of State – to alter, amend and expand an existing law without any reference to Parliament. It is described as a necessary means for ensuring laws remain relevant and pertinent to our fast-moving society. In reality, it is simply a […]

Liars and Reliarbility

Posted by Kevin on November 16, 2016

It is becoming my wont. Rob Slade is providing an excellent series on the weaknesses of modern infosec journalists. I must riposte. The subject is lies and reliability. You see, the problem with ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’ is that unless you see it for yourself, you can never be certain whether the pants are […]

Infosec reporters

Posted by Kevin on November 12, 2016

Robert has thrown down the gauntlet (What reporters should know about infosec); and against my better judgement I feel compelled to respond. It’s not that I disagree with him, but I feel a view from the other side is required. What are reporters? A reporter reports the news. He (to include she from hereon) does […]

Kaspersky calls out Microsoft

Posted by Kevin on November 11, 2016

Readers will know that there are many unhappy Windows 10 contributors on this site. We know we are not alone – but most of us who complain are mere users with voices that don’t carry to Redmond. Now for, as far as I know the first time, an industry leader has publicly said the same […]

Tesco Bank Hack – Lessons

Posted by Kevin on November 7, 2016

Forensic investigation into the Tesco Bank hack this weekend will only be in its initial stages. Until we get the results, everything is conjecture. Nevertheless there are some things worth considering. Criminal organization Tesco Bank is not one of the Big Banks. It may well have been targeted for that reason, with the cyber criminals […]

China introduces new laws restricting freedom on the internet

Posted by Kevin on November 7, 2016

China has green-lit a sweeping and controversial law that may grant Beijing unprecedented access to foreign companies’ technology and hamstring their operations in the world’s second-largest economy.The Cyber Security Law was passed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, and will take effect in June, government officials said Monday. Among […]

The Daily Mail’s betrayal of democracy

Posted by Kevin on November 5, 2016

If you value freedom and democracy, shun the Daily Mail – it has become nothing more than an instrument of Tory government that ignores the law of the land. This week’s front page is just the latest example. The background is this. Referendums do not create laws – only government can create laws. Laws come […]

Scaring the children, by MI5

Posted by Kevin on November 1, 2016

Those who correlate such things will have no surprise over Tuesday’s Guardian interview – the big guns are always rolled out just before contentious bills come before parliament for their final vote. The contentious bill is the Investigatory Powers Bill, likely to be law by January. And the big gun is Andrew Parker, the director […]