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The other drug money

Posted by Kevin on August 12, 2015

This is from Science Daily yesterday: Are these the same scientists that we educate with our money to be paid by the drug companies to produce statistics that will persuade the politicians who we pay with our money to make laws to force us to have the vaccinations that don’t work and make us more […]

Cameron’s Fecking Controls

Posted by Kevin on August 10, 2015

There are two problems with this image. The first is obvious. BT is blocking LinkedIn. LinkedIn? Really? The second is perhaps only immediately obvious to me. It is this: I don’t have fecking Parental Controls set on my account. So what the feck is going on? Has Cameron made ‘Parental Controls’ suddenly obligatory without me […]

NSA is missing a trick, here …

Posted by Rob Slade on July 31, 2015

Lonely Chinese are chatting with a smartphone program. “Since Xiaoice collects vast amounts of intimate details on individuals, the program inevitably raises questions about users’ privacy.” Siri, Cortona, Xiaoice, etc.  At least with Facebook you have to semi-deliberately share your deepest secrets with the world.  But who is going to remember (or guard) what they […]

Italian Silk Road darknet lookalike shut down by Europol

Posted by Kevin on July 31, 2015

Europol has announced that along with the Italian authorities it has shut down what reads like an Italian Silk Road. The headline claims, “Darknet hidden service for child sexual abuse material shut down”. Operation Babylon began two years ago when the Italian Postal and Communications Police uncovered a hidden service within the Darknet that was […]

NSA to destroy bulk metadata collection

Posted by Kevin on July 28, 2015

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence announced yesterday that the NSA will cease analytic access to its collection of historical metadata (that is, the data collected under Section 215 prior to the new authorization under the USA FREEDOM Act from 29 June 2015 onwards). Furthermore, the NSA will destroy that data as soon […]

DNA-based access control: the dystopian endgame

Posted by Kevin on July 27, 2015

Martin Zinaich yesterday excellently described what he calls the PIT: privacy invasive technology (Falling into the PIT). The implication is that this is a deep, steep pit from which it is already too late to escape. But there was one comment he makes that implies it is going to get worse: The problem with technology […]

Copyright: parliament’s will overturned for profits

Posted by Kevin on July 18, 2015

I won’t buy music anymore. I’ll listen to the radio and watch performances on television; but I won’t buy the CDs. I decline to put money into a music industry that tells me if I wish to listen to their CDs in my home I must pay them, say, £10 (cost of a blank CD, […]

Lauri Love to face extradition hearing

Posted by Kevin on July 17, 2015

Here we go again. Lauri Love, who was first arrested (but not charged) under the Computer Misuse Act almost two years ago has been rearrested on the original US charges and now faces an extradition hearing on 1 September. And yet, just two months ago, the UK police returned some confiscated items dating from the […]

PwC chooses ImmuniWeb for vulnerability and penetration testing

Posted by Kevin on July 14, 2015

PCI DSS mandates at least annual vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. But there are well known problems with both. Vulnerability scanning on its own is not ultimately enough; and traditional manual penetration testing is too expensive for all but the richer companies. Furthermore, a penetration test is simply a moment in time: just because you […]

Finally: phished in a foreign language!

Posted by Kevin on July 6, 2015

I tell myself it’s because I’ve finally made it to the international stage – getting phished in a foreign language: But, no, it’s just a foreign contact got hacked by a foreign hacker. And I don’t really care what’s on that video of me. It wasn’t me anyway. I was somewhere else. I grant you […]