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Still in Denial of the Tough New Privacy Law GDPR?

Posted by Tara Taubman-Bassirian on October 17, 2016

This morning GDPR on the news, shared by Rachel Oconnell : Firms Are in Denial About Tough New EU Privacy Law: The world’s toughest privacy law will go into force in Europe 18 months from now, and so far, the strategy of many IT professionals appears to be “pretend it’s not happening.” That’s the takeaway […]

iPhone and the FBI backdoor

Posted by Kevin on February 17, 2016

Much is being written about the FBI’s court order instructing Apple to provide a backdoor into a terrorist’s iPhone. And much praise is being heaped upon Apple for its disinclination to do so. This disinclination is described by Tim Cook in a letter to Apple users: A Message to Our Customers. I think, however, it […]

ECJ Says Safe Harbor Is Not So Safe

Posted by Tara Taubman-Bassirian on October 8, 2015

‘A milestone’ or a ‘historical’ decision cry the media around the world. It is like a deluge of comments and articles. The Open Rights Group speaks of a ‘Landmark victory for Privacy rights’. Like a bombshell, following the Advocat General Opinion, the ECJ decision this Tuesday 6 October 2015 held the Safe Harbor decision 2000 invalid. […]

Have Lynch and Europol just set in motion a solution to the Microsoft problem?

Posted by Kevin on September 16, 2015

It’s a conundrum. Microsoft is caught between two masters: Europe, where it is desperately seeking to increase marketshare against the dominant Google; and the US, its homeland overlord that it must, and indeed would like to, honor and obey. This conundrum is illustrated by Microsoft’s refusal to simply hand over a European customer’s emails from […]

Another Day In Court For The Company Behind The World’s Most Popular Browser Plugin

Posted by Alexander Hanff on August 13, 2015

Earlier this week I boarded a plane to Dusseldorf in Germany in order to attend a court session in Cologne regarding ad blocking.  The purpose was to continue my research on how these privacy enhancing tools are being targeted by the publishing and advertising industry and follows on from a debate I hosted at the […]

Italian Silk Road darknet lookalike shut down by Europol

Posted by Kevin on July 31, 2015

Europol has announced that along with the Italian authorities it has shut down what reads like an Italian Silk Road. The headline claims, “Darknet hidden service for child sexual abuse material shut down”. Operation Babylon began two years ago when the Italian Postal and Communications Police uncovered a hidden service within the Darknet that was […]

NSA to destroy bulk metadata collection

Posted by Kevin on July 28, 2015

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence announced yesterday that the NSA will cease analytic access to its collection of historical metadata (that is, the data collected under Section 215 prior to the new authorization under the USA FREEDOM Act from 29 June 2015 onwards). Furthermore, the NSA will destroy that data as soon […]

Copyright: parliament’s will overturned for profits

Posted by Kevin on July 18, 2015

I won’t buy music anymore. I’ll listen to the radio and watch performances on television; but I won’t buy the CDs. I decline to put money into a music industry that tells me if I wish to listen to their CDs in my home I must pay them, say, £10 (cost of a blank CD, […]

Lauri Love to face extradition hearing

Posted by Kevin on July 17, 2015

Here we go again. Lauri Love, who was first arrested (but not charged) under the Computer Misuse Act almost two years ago has been rearrested on the original US charges and now faces an extradition hearing on 1 September. And yet, just two months ago, the UK police returned some confiscated items dating from the […]

France and the global censorship of Google

Posted by Kevin on June 13, 2015

There’s still an awful lot of guff being written about the ‘right to be forgotten’, especially by certain Americans who believe that their own right to free speech trumps all limitations on free speech anywhere else in the world. Here’s an example: What’s worse, if France or other EU countries get away with this attempt […]