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Microsoft Vs the US government

Posted by Kevin on June 16, 2014

Microsoft’s case to prevent the United States government from using search warrants to demand data that is not stored in the United States has picked up a number of high-profile backers, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Verizon, AT&T, and, recently, Apple and Cisco. Tech Giants Join Microsoft In Calling For US Gov To End Use […]

Mystery surrounds the fate of torrent site

Posted by Kevin on June 2, 2014

Torrent sites come and go. They come with the promise of substantial revenue and go with the threat or actuality of legal action. is/was a fairly recent arrival, and achieved remarkable success. Now it has suddenly disappeared without a trace or explanation. It arrived towards the end of 2012 and grew first rapidly and […]

Hector (Sabu) Monsegur to be sentenced while Hammond sits in prison

Posted by Kevin on May 26, 2014

A common cry in Anonymous circles is ‘Free Jeremy Hammond; Fuck Sabu’. Jeremy Hammond is currently serving a ten-year prison sentence for his involvement in the Stratfor hack. Sabu (real name Hector Xavier Monsegur) will be sentenced tomorrow for his role in Lulzsec and many other hacks. He is expected, on FBI request, to walk […]

The Master Troll, Weev, delivers a masterpiece of trolling

Posted by Kevin on May 21, 2014

It is always a pleasure to see a master at work; and Andrew Weev Auernheimer is not known as a master Troll without good reason. He was arrested, charged with hacking AT&T, sentenced to three years in prison, and eventually released after the case against him was thrown out on appeal. See here for background. […]

FBI indicts five members of the Chinese military for hacking US companies

Posted by Kevin on May 21, 2014

Eric Holder yesterday announced: “Today, we are announcing an indictment against five officers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army for serious cybersecurity breaches against six American victim entities.” The five officers are known by the aliases UglyGorilla, Jack Sun, Lao Wen, hzy_1hx and KandyGoo. They are members of the PLA’s military unit 61398 (you may […]

HMRC ordered by the judge to think again about withholding information from Privacy International

Posted by Kevin on May 13, 2014

Privacy International has been attempting to get blood from a stone; otherwise known as getting information out of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. It has wanted to know if Gamma International is being investigated for potential breach of UK export controls. Gamma International, you may recall, is the company behind the FinFisher surveillance malware. FinFisher […]

DoJ wants to make it easier for the FBI to legally hack innocent Americans

Posted by Kevin on May 11, 2014

The precarious balance between law enforcement and personal privacy is highlighted by a new proposal from the Department of Justice — it wants greater leeway in its ability to place malware on multiple computers. It can do this already, but not easily — it requires a judicial warrant that is only valid in the judge’s […]