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Edward Snowden is a Russian pawn claims a Russian traitor in a British tabloid

Posted by Kevin on June 8, 2014

When politicians lose the argument they attack the messenger. Having lost the argument over surveillance, they are now attacking Snowden: it is easier to depict him as a Russian pawn at best, or a Russian spy at worst. That is the line taken by the UK’s Mirror newspaper. “Edward Snowden was targeted by Russian spies […]

The Reform Government Surveillance Nine should copy the ISPs’ methodology if they want to change government policy

Posted by Kevin on June 7, 2014

Yesterday I suggested that if the Nine Nazgul tech giants seriously wanted to influence government they should look to the methods of Monsanto rather than write tame public letters. They could, of course, look closer to home to see how the ISPs have engineered a complete 180° about-turn in the FCC’s attitude towards net neutrality. […]

China’s response to US accusations of cyber spying

Posted by Kevin on June 5, 2014

When the US authorities indicted five Chinese military on cyber espionage charges it gave the appearance of arrogance over diplomacy. Here was a country recently revealed to be the world’s most prolific cyber spy accusing another country of doing similar. What was the point of this? There will never be a trial, conviction or sentence […]

C-13 – a two-faced law from a two-faced government

Posted by Kevin on May 20, 2014

One of the nastiest little tricks of nasty little governments is to hide new laws that they don’t want us to know about in popular laws that we all welcome. All governments do it — and the latest example is being done to us in Canada. The Bill is C-13. It is called the Protecting […]

The hypocrisy of the European Union’s Freedom of Expression guidelines

Posted by Kevin on May 20, 2014

Last week the Council of the EU published the EU Human Rights Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline. It is really aimed at non-EU states that show little regard for human rights — but the reality is the EU should look closely at its own behaviour. Consider just three extracts: 1. Free, diverse […]

ECJ says Google, and other search engines, must abide by European data protection laws

Posted by Kevin on May 16, 2014

This is going to upset the apple cart – the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has decided in favour of Mario Costeja González in his dispute with Google. Way back in 1998, a Spanish newspaper published reports on certain pecuniary difficulties in which González found himself. By 2010 those difficulties were long past – but […]

Snapchat settlement shines a light on a potential EU / FTC safe harbour stitch-up

Posted by Kevin on May 11, 2014

When Europe learned about the extent of NSA surveillance on the personal information of European citizens there was immediate concern over the effectiveness of the EU/US safe harbour agreement. Under European data protection laws, personal data cannot be exported to a foreign country that does not have data protection laws considered comparable to EU laws. […]