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Phorm to go tits-up by mid-August?

Posted by Kevin on July 14, 2014

Well, if it’s true, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Tom Winnifrith, writing in, suggests that Phorm is nose-diving into oblivion: In the last days of March, AIM Cesspit listed Phorm (PHRM) raised £10 million. Today it has warned that unless it raises more cash urgently it will go tits up. I reckon […]

Privacy International and GCHQ go head to head next week

Posted by Kevin on July 10, 2014

A new statement from Privacy International points out that from Monday 14 to Friday 18 next week, its action laid before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) challenging the legality of GCHQ surveillance (the Tempora program) will come to a head: Privacy International, along with Amnesty International, Liberty, the American Civil Liberties Union, Pakistani organisation Bytes […]

The continuing failure of data protection laws – especially in the UK

Posted by Kevin on July 5, 2014

IRISS – Increasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies – is an EC-funded empirical analysis of surveillance and data protection in Europe. It comprises seven separate study areas. A report on the fifth area, exercising democratic rights under surveillance regimes, was published in the latter part of June 2014. Led by Professor Clive Norris and Dr Xavier […]

EU/US safe harbour regime referred to the ECJ

Posted by Kevin on June 18, 2014

Irish Judge Hogan has agreed in part and disagreed in part with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s ruling against Max Schrems (Europe versus Facebook) in an earlier complaint against Facebook. The fundamental issue is whether Facebook is in breach of the EU/US safe harbour agreement for the protection of personal European data. Key to this […]

Yes, GCHQ really does collect the content of British communications

Posted by Kevin on June 17, 2014

You have to wonder why Cameron tried to force through the Communications Data Bill (you may remember, that was the one called the ‘Snoopers’ Charter’) when the Snowden files revealed that GCHQ was already doing pretty much everything the new law would allow them – that is, snooping on everyone in the UK (that’s you […]

Microsoft Vs the US government

Posted by Kevin on June 16, 2014

Microsoft’s case to prevent the United States government from using search warrants to demand data that is not stored in the United States has picked up a number of high-profile backers, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Verizon, AT&T, and, recently, Apple and Cisco. Tech Giants Join Microsoft In Calling For US Gov To End Use […]

The tech giants’ letter to the Senate is just a load of fluff

Posted by Kevin on June 6, 2014

Nine US tech giants have written to the Senate requesting that the watered down Freedom Act be returned to its original strength. The Freedom Act’s original purpose was to curb the excesses of the NSA; but it was so weakened in its passage through the House of Representatives that many of its original supporters voted […]

The danger we face from the NSA’s collection of facial recognition images

Posted by Kevin on June 4, 2014

According to new Snowden files discussed by Laura Poitras and James Risen in the New York Times, the NSA is “harvesting huge numbers of images of people from communications that it intercepts through its global surveillance operations for use in sophisticated facial recognition programs, according to top-secret documents.” It seems to be collecting around a […]

Don’t Spy On Us – a day of action

Posted by Kevin on June 2, 2014

A ticket only event hosted by the Don’t Spy On Us campaign at the Shoreditch Town Hall this coming Saturday is already sold out. It’s a day of action to mark the anniversary of Edward Snowden’s first leaked documents. The Don’t Spy On Us campaign, which includes Privacy International, Liberty, Article 19, Open Rights Group, […]