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CISO view: Is Apple’s Walled Garden Crumbling?

Posted by Kevin on October 12, 2015

Apple’s iOS has suffered one of its worst ever malware breaches with xCodeGhost. Is it time to consider whether the structure of Apple’s walled garden needs a rethink? Multiple iOS apps – including some very popular ones – have been compromised via a poisoned version of the Xcode software library. It would appear that a […]

CISO view: encryption backdoors

Posted by Kevin on October 5, 2015

A group of Chief Information Security Officers within Wisegate was asked for its views on encryption backdoors specifically for law enforcement. The response was an overwhelming rejection. no encryption should ever have a backdoor for anyone “today’s backdoor is tomorrow’s compromise” “if data is required, information can be subpoenaed or NSLs can be issued” Snowden’s […]

CISO view: DoJ vs Microsoft case

Posted by Kevin on October 3, 2015

In the DoJ vs Microsoft foreign emails case, we already know the law enforcement view; we already know the privacy activists’ view – and now we know the US security practitioners’ view. there is little, if any, support for the government against Microsoft there is some belief that it could affect trade for US internet […]