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The IOC effect?

Posted by Rob Slade on August 13, 2016

The Streisand effect is well known in online circles. If you attempt to hide or censor something, you inevitably draw attention to it. The International Olympic Committee seems to have discovered, or created, a new law. The IOC has, in an attempt to control publicity and boost attention for it’s media “partners”/sponsors, banned all video […]

NSA is missing a trick, here …

Posted by Rob Slade on July 31, 2015

Lonely Chinese are chatting with a smartphone program. “Since Xiaoice collects vast amounts of intimate details on individuals, the program inevitably raises questions about users’ privacy.” Siri, Cortona, Xiaoice, etc.  At least with Facebook you have to semi-deliberately share your deepest secrets with the world.  But who is going to remember (or guard) what they […] – a first look

Posted by Rob Slade on June 13, 2015

A few weeks ago I noted a new account on Twitter, called Cybrary.  This pointed at a Website providing free information security training, You have to register for the site, but all it asks for is your name, email address, and a password.  I’ve only just registered, so I don’t know how much spam […]

Did you see what they wrote about you? Phishing!

Posted by Kevin on June 13, 2015

The last thing you do when you get this message is click the link; because the first thing you think is, uh-oh – scam. But, hey, this is a security company. Surely it can’t have been hacked? Maybe they’ve been deep diving into the dark web and have found something nice about me… or really […]

Is Twitter misleading its users on Data Protection?

Posted by Alexander Hanff on April 24, 2015

Recently I wrote an article about Amazon and other companies opening European Datacentres in an attempt to mitigate concerns over mass surveillance by the NSA and other intelligence agencies.  The general point is that because these companies are US owned, they are still vulnerable to US law irrespective of where they physically host and process […]

European Commission tells citizens to stop using Facebook

Posted by Alexander Hanff on March 25, 2015

Yesterday was a very important day for privacy and data protection in Europe.  It was the day that Max Schrems was able to present arguments in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) with regards to the US surveillance programme called PRISM and whether or not companies which expose European citizens’ data to […]

Lessons from a security awareness campaign

Posted by Rob Slade on March 12, 2015

We have recently had a campaign, in British Columbia, to promote information and awareness about computer security and privacy.  While this is not a full post-mortem of the event, here are some observations. Money, in the form of sponsorships from companies, is available.  We had no problem in raising funds, with some being donations in […]

Till We Have Faces

Posted by Rob Slade on February 24, 2015

I got a message the other day from an old friend.  He left the country over four decades ago, and I’ve only seen him once, since, fairly shortly after he left. I’m unfollowing a celebrity on Twitter today. (Yes, of course I am going to relate these two events to each other.  And to security.  […]

Twitter Bots: the scourge of the low-end spam bots

Posted by Bev Robb on February 3, 2015

twitter bots

Though Twitter goes to great lengths to thwart fake bot accounts, spam bots are pervasive throughout the Twitter ecosystem. Whether it is a 6,000+ real and verified twitter followers (yeah, right!) for $5.00 over at Fiverr or a flat 6 month $49.99 subscription at Twitter Supremacy  — bots come in all flavors —  You can buy a set […]