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Industry Vs. Consumer: Pre-orders, Critics and Hype

Posted by Josh Townsend on August 21, 2017

Pre-orders: Selling Promises Every year seems to bring a new feature from one or another gaming publication on why pre-orders are a bad concept, urging consumers to reject them after various high-profile games have under-delivered on their promises. Pre-orders certainly have fewer benefits for the consumer when compared to publishers and retailers; a pre-order purchase […]

Game User Reviews: Power, Degradation and Overuse

Posted by Josh Townsend on July 25, 2017

The Importance of Customer Reviews The revolution of online shopping has been a long-standing demonstration that user reviews improve sales, encourage repeat web traffic and significantly boost a website’s search engine ranking. Even without unanimously positive reviews, websites which feature user interaction and feedback have been shown to promote engagement among users and increase a […]

Security Fails require GDPR

Posted by Kevin on July 8, 2017

It might seem as if the penalty fines of up to 4% of global turnover contained within GDPR are a bit draconian — but they are not. Three separate incidents over the last few weeks demonstrate just how many businesses simply don’t care about their customers’ privacy; and I doubt if such attitudes can be […]

June Sketch: The Parliamentary Brute-force

Posted by Josh Townsend on July 1, 2017

The Simple Brute-force Attack That Compromised Parliamentary Emails It’s probably over-optimistic to assume that the recent attack on parliamentary email accounts had any white-hat intentions behind it, but if the seat of government for any world power is compromised on any level by a simple brute-force attack, it probably deserves a little wake-up call.

From Greenlight to Direct: The Past and Future of Steam Publishing

Posted by Josh Townsend on June 29, 2017

Steam Greenlight: History and Positive Influences On June 13th 2017, Valve shut down the Greenlight service of its digital games distribution platform, Steam, replacing it with a new service dubbed Steam Direct. Launched at the end of August 2012, Steam Greenlight did achieve many things which ushered in positive change for the gaming industry over […]

Beware the New Fisher Queen

Posted by Kevin on June 21, 2017

Theresa May has become the new Fisher Queen of legend — the wounded, impotent keeper of the Holy Grail (the financial supremacy of the few). The original Fisher King presided over the decline of his country into a barren wasteland; and this new Fisher Queen seems intent on doing similar. The Holy Grail will be […]

Bioware and the EA Pattern

Posted by Josh Townsend on June 6, 2017

Bioware fitting a pattern In early May reports surfaced that Bioware Montreal, a division of the long-established game studio acquired by EA in 2007, has been relegated to a ‘support’ studio following the fairly disastrous release of Mass Effect Andromeda earlier in 2017. This has caused some concern that Bioware’s days are numbered, due to […]

My June Vote

Posted by Kevin on May 30, 2017

I must repeat what I said before the last general election in the UK: I shall not vote. I dismiss as absurd the thoughtless claims that I have a duty to vote. I do not. I have a duty to follow my beliefs, to stand for what is right and to criticise what is wrong. […]

May must be out in June: our last chance

Posted by Kevin on May 22, 2017

Let’s not beat about the bush — Britain was tricked into voting for Brexit by an establishment determined to break Brussels’ interference in its increasingly hard-line and authoritarian policies. Theresa May is implementing that determination. There could be no IP Act nor Digital Economy Act if the ECJ has any say over UK laws. The […]

May Sketch: Reactions to Macron’s Victory

Posted by Josh Townsend on May 17, 2017

World Leaders’ Reactions to Macron’s Presidential Victory As reported by Yahoo